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214 5th Street South
Lethbridge, Alberta
(403) 327-2800


Our services are designed to provide whole-body nourishment, rejuvenation, and repair.


Therapeutic Massage

Optimizing the bodies ability to heal, therapeutic massage has a number of benefits for ones health and well being.  By stimulating the muscular, circulatory and nervous systems,  massage can improve mobility and function as well as reduce stress both mentally and physically.  Serotonin and dopamine are released through massage, and the result is a feeling of relaxation that makes chronic or habitual stress much easier to overcome.

90 Minutes – $127
60 Minutes – $90
45 Minutes – $75
30 Minutes – $57

Hot Stone Massage

Warm basalt stones, heated with water are massaged on the body providing effective muscle relief and healing. These stones are rich in iron, helping them maintain warmth throughout the treatment. Poor circulation leads to a buildup of fluid and lactic acid resulting in tense muscles, and fatigue in the body. Hot stone massage promotes expansion of blood vessels in the muscles increasing blood flow, oxygen, muscle sedation and  deeper therapy of the muscle.

60 Minutes — $100
90 Minutes – $135

Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes — $90
90 minutes – $127

Raindrop Massage

This treatment incorporates the use of a raindrop blend of essential oils applied along the spine. Helps to balance the body, reduce stress, supports immune system and assists in detox.

60 Minutes — $100
90 minutes – $135

Hydro-Sugar Scrub & Massage

This treatment starts out on our lower level in the vichy room. You will be treated to a full body sugar scrub while a cascade of warm water rains down.  After your scrub you will have some time in the dry sauna before your RMT comes to get you for your 60 minute therapeutic massage.

120 minutes – $190


Eminence Hungarian Facial

     90 MINUTES – $125

Eminence Hungarian Facial & Massage

     120 MINUTES – $165

nail care

     women’s pedicure – $85
     manicure – $50
     manicure & pedicure – $135



Facial dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that involves gently scraping your face with a scalpel to remove the epidermis, your top layer of skin, and small hairs. The exfoliation and hair removal can leave your skin brighter and smoother.  The treatment may soften fine lines and wrinkles and ease hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone. 

 75 minutes — $130

Lash tint


Brow tint

     15 minutes – $15

Brow Wax & tint

     15 minutes – $20

lash tint & brow tint


Brow and Lip wax, Brow Tint

     15 minutes – $25


    120 minutes – $450 
    90 minute touchup included 6 weeks later

Microblading Touchup

     90 minutes – $250


We provide the most hygienic practices with our waxing application. Our products are formulated for sensitive skin that requires gentle treatment. Our experienced staff will provide a consultation to ensure the most comfortable and hygienic treatment for you. 



     brow shaping – $15
     Lips – $10
     Cheeks – $15
     Brow & Lip – $21      
     Brow Lip Chin – $25   
     Full Face – $40   
     Underarms – $25       
     Half Arm – $35
     Full Arms – $40           
     Half Leg – $45
     Full Legs- $65             
     Bikini – $40
     Brazilian- $65       
     Follow up Brazilian – $55         
     Men’s Back  – $45
     Men’s Chest & Back  – $75